Tattoo you: soccer players show their Polk pride

Alexis Arroyo displays her Polk tattoo. (Photo by Tom Hagerty, Polk State.)
Alexis Arroyo displays her Polk tattoo. (Photo by Tom Hagerty, Polk State.)

Many students have left their mark on Polk State. Some students, however, have left Polk State's mark on themselves. 

Last month, several Polk State soccer players got Polk State tattoos while taking part in a photo-video scavenger hunt that Head Coach Steve Linamen put together. 

Once Elizabeth Cerilli decided to get a Polk tattoo, 10 other players got inked. 

"I honestly didn't think any of them would get tattoos," said Linamen. "But the pride these players have for Polk State is truly amazing." 

He also said, "We intentionally try to build a team culture where Polk State will remain important to them no matter where life takes them, and I think this makes a statement that we are being successful." 

Some players also dyed their hair Polk red or had their number shaved into their hair. 

Brooke McKillen displays her number.

Sophomore Elyse Fontecchio had "Polk Soccer" tattooed on one ankle and the College's iconic P logo on the other.  

They were her first tattoos, and she says, "It didn't hurt and I have no regrets." 

Alexis Arroyo also had the P logo inked on an ankle. It was also her first tattoo. 

Did it hurt? 

"Yes," she says. "It took about five minutes. I'm glad I got it, and I'm also glad it's in a spot that's not too conspicuous." 

Other players had "Polk," "Soar," or "Eagles" tattooed on the inside of their lower lip.

Alex Wenrich shows off her tattoo.

Linamen says the scavenger hunt gave the players a chance to take some time away from their sport, spend time together bonding, and complete some random acts of kindness in the process. 

"Also they were out in the community dressed in Polk State gear representing Polk State and creating new fans. "

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